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 molly Sissy seeks Anyone
postulant #:029194sweet sissy maid in high high heels
i am a sissy in los angeles who is re-igniting the flame of sissyhood and am sooooooo happy about it!!!!!!!!! super duper excited to meet some girls and get my self all frilly and sissy fem!!! yay!!!!
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Age: 36
Profession: Plumbing Contractor
Significant Other? Y
Does her Superior participate? N
She started her behaviour at: 4 years old
Her personal collection includes:
Her experience in the Forced Feminization Scene: i have less experience than id like in the Forced Fem Scene. i was friends with an amazing Mistress years ago and i thought that id end up realizing my fantacies however i ended up choosing a different path in the end. ive played with a few people, a couple of sissies, a Master but most of my experiences have been fantacy, online, through stories or in artwork.
Is she looking for a real life scene: Y
And if so, where at? Los Angeles
United States
Will she travel? N

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