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JenniferBlack - 02.03
My school skirt, pleated navy blue. Plus my pink blouse, and my jacket! Of
course my white socks
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 ashley-marieTranssexual seeks Mistresses
postulant #:029273Shemale in need of help to go 24/7
Curtsies my Beautiful and Graceful Superiors. I am in awe of Women! They are the highest gender with beauty and oportunities to use and enjoy. My deepest desire is to become a Woman and have achieved an advanced level of transition, extended HRT made it hard to return... hurts. Thankyou for giving a ____s to read my sissys stuff, I hope you enjoy my emasculation somehow. For some reason my adventures deep into the female world excite me, I live in Australia and dress mostly in secret. Love to wear firm shapewear and lovely things and watch the transformation happen before my eyes. An elegant and tasteful woman (I hope) and have dated some very cute guys. Please view my picture which I offer for your entertainment. I prefer elegant yet conservative styles, usualy some thing classic, spring knits and a strand of pearls, pin stripes and heels etc. I have several classic fashion staples in my wardrobe which I jazz up with seasonal pieces from time to time. In my heart Id love to come out but I must remain a prisoner for now. Ashley-marie. xoxo
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Age: 42
Profession: Romantic Fiction Writer
Significant Other? N
Does her Superior participate? N
She started her behaviour at: I was 3 years old
Her personal collection includes:
Her experience in the Forced Feminization Scene: Very little but I do force myself to a degree...
Is she looking for a real life scene: Y
And if so, where at? Salisbury
South Australia
Will she travel? N

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